New 36V 350W Electric Bicycle Bike Mid Drive Conversion Kit E-Bike Motor AU

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36V 350W 13AH Electric Bike Bicycle E-BIKE Mid Drive Motor Conversion Kit

This mid-drive motor is compatible with a 68mm-73mm bottom bracket (Apply to majority of bikes), has a rated power of 350W ,will provide the rider with great explosive force when starting the system. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and is suitable for mountain bikes and sand bikes which are the favourites of riders who love challenges as well as transport bikes.

How can I find if the mid drive conversion kits will fit my bike ?  

The Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with a 68mm (2.68 in.) or 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell and 35mm inside diameter. This encompasses the vast majority of bikes excluding some newer high end bikes with an Integrated Bottom Bracket, and Fat tire Bikes with a 100mm wide bottom bracket shell.

How to install : 

Youtube video (

PDF Version Installation Manual 🙁 )

If you need LCD Display Setting Manual, Please contact seller to email you after purchase . 





4. 1x Thumb Throttle

5. 2x Crank

6. Speed sensor with magnets

7. Connection cable set

8. Screws and Nuts

9. 13Ah Li-ion Battery 

10.Battery Charger 




Motor Type : Mid Drive

Voltage : 36V

Output power : 350W

Construction : Gear Motor

PAS Sensor: Speed sensor

Motor Weight: 4.50KG

Battery Weight :2.5KG

Chain Wheel : 44T

Speed: +/- 35km/h

Range: +/- 70km (With Pedalling Assist )

Battery Type: Hailong Bottle Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Capacity:36V 13Ah

Discharge Cycle Life: Over 800 Times

Pedal Assist ,plus throttle only option

Water Resistant

LCD Display has the following features : 

-Speed display
-Battery Indicators
-Power Assist Level
-Trip Total Distance
-Headlight /Backlight

Benefits of a mid drive motor compared to a cheaper hub motor

– More efficient

– Better performance

– Easy Installation

– Better at climbing hills

– Uses the bikes gears as the engine’s transmission so the motor can run at the optimum RPM range

– Better handling

– Better weight distribution as motor is positioned close to the center of gravity and low to the ground

– Easier and better maintenance

– A Mid Drive e-bike is easier to ride because hub motors are on the front or back wheel, and that extra weight on the wheel makes it tough to pedal

-Low battery power consumption safety long riding with safety long riding

Note :

Please be aware of any legal requirements before purchasing this kit. Off road use only  !!

Does not include bicycle 

12-month warranty on motor and battery 

Top speed and the range is dependent on rider, riding style and conditions, the above is a rough indication. Faster top speeds and further distances can be achieved by using your legs more. Throttle only at high power without pedalling and the range will be substantially less 



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