Electric Bike Warranty

Warranty for or Electric Bike or eBike Conversion kit

We offer one-year manufacture battery & motor replacement warranty for our electric bikes or eBike Kit under non-commercial use.

Warranty will not cover:

  1. Minor scratches, marks or imperfections.
  2. Damage due to external causes, e.g. damage by negligent use, incorrect use and tampering with the battery pack, damage by traffic accidents and damage during any transportation, e.g. by couriers.
  3. Damage due to normal wear and tear and maintenance. Wear and tear items which are not covered include tyres, tubes, brakes, brake pads, wheel spokes, derailleur tuning, gear adjustments, bottom bracket tightening, handlebar adjustments, seat, stand, foot pegs etc.
  4. If the bike doesn’t reach top speed this is not covered by warranty and if the distance per charge is not as advertised this is also not covered by warranty as this is only an estimate. Batteries lose capacity naturally.
  5. Poor maintenance and any modifications to the product or components.

We will not be held any responsibility for theft, damage or injury caused while using this product.